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Branding & Visual Identity

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Fall 2020/2021

Branding, Web Design, Typography

InDesign, Photoshop, XD

Summit is a fictional event that I created as a passion project and use my skills in branding, marketing, and web design. I created advertising collateral and a website prototype using techniques such as mind-mapping to ideate, grids, colour theory, hierarchy, and more. The goal was to effectively market the photography Summit and drive ticket sales.

This event concept came to life by choosing and understanding a target audience, creating a visual identity for this event, and researching other event websites to familiarize myself with design practices for event marketing.

Market research included documenting the marketing message of other event websites, tracking UI patterns, and evaluating details like value propositions, navigation, and forms for purchase tickets.

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A headshot of River outside wearing a pink sweater

Moodboard and Inspiration

Summit needed a place where interested viewers could find more information and buy tickets. After creating a client persona and researching the market, I wrote the web copy with the target audience in mind, focussed on making this event inviting to small business owners and entrepreneurs. The website was first designed on paper with multiple variations. It is a single page website to display all the information clearly and make it easy for viewers to navigate and ultimately purchase tickets. After getting some feedback on the usability and flow of those sketches, I created digital wireframes in Adobe XD. These wireframes also underwent some revision as I realized that my original designs needed some adjusting to make them more responsive.



As a networking conference for photographers, this event needed to speak to them in an engaging and visual way. That’s why photography is a big part of this brand, to attract that audience in a subtle way. We wanted this event to feel inviting and not daunting to small business owners and entrepreneurs who would be investing in their work.

Horizontal Web Banner


Summit’s colour palette is inspired by natural elements and to create a warm and inviting vibe. The green was chosen to give an adventurous and earthy feel, and appeal to the style of lifestyle photographers. Imagery was chosen to coordinate well with the colours as well. These brand elements were incorporated into the website wireframe to bring it to life.

Additional branded advertising was also designed to market this event. Assets created in InDesign include a print poster, horizontal web banner, vertical web banner, and save-the-date email graphic. Each of these include a call to action and effectively display the necessary information.

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