Project Date:



Winter 2020

Illustration, Innovation, Typography


Nobody wants to read lists of facts and numbers on a page, but infographics bring those statistics to life. The design challenge for this project was to make the information easily digestible, understandable, and visually engaging for the viewer. For this project I was handed a 2 page document of copy, with the task to design an illustrative infographic for print. I tackled the challenge of presenting facts in a visual way by mind mapping and sketching.

Graphic elements like background shapes and floating bubbles group information together to allow the eye to flow throughout the poster. A clear hierarchy in typography also keeps the facts readable and visible.

Fonts, colours, and shapes were designed to emphasize the theme of wetlands and work together to relay statistics and information.

This project brings an AR element to an infographic to engage the viewer. This was achieved by using Eye Jack’s new panel feature, where images and videos can be arranged in a 3D AR space. When scanning the code on the printed infographic, viewers will be able to open the AR in Eye Jack and also view an animated version of the infographic which brings the visuals to life.

Download EyeJack to scan the code and try it yourself!

Download EyeJack
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