Holland Homes Logo

Branding & Visual Identity

Project Date:



Fall 2020

Branding, Web Design

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, XD

Holland Homes & Renovations is reliable, innovative, sustainable, and modern - but their old logo didn’t reflect that to potential clients. Their brand was out of date and their visual presence wasn’t attracting the kind of clients they wanted to work with. The goal of this rebranding project is to update and refresh Holland Homes & Renovations’ look to attract clients and to visually communicate their company values.



The first step for me in approaching a branding project is to fully understand the client, their company personality, and desired perception. After all, a brand really tells who you are and gives a strong first impression - you definitely want to make sure it’s an accurate picture! By spending time getting to know Holland Homes and Renovations’ company values, target audience, business goals, demographics, and competition, I was able to develop a design strategy that was personalized. Holland Homes and Renovations mission is to provide high-quality and diligent craftsmanship and aim to create a positive renovation experience for clients. The rebranding of Holland Homes and Renovation will have to clearly communicate this customer centred approach.

Market Research

Mind Mapping


I believe innovative logo concepts are never the first idea you put down on paper, or even the tenth. Many sketches and variations are worked out on paper and revised before they move on to the digital stage.

During the process of rebranding Holland Homes & Renovations, alternate versions of the logo were also created digitally. Type options are also explored.

The shape of a house gives Holland Homes & Renovations a personal brand that speaks to the desires of their clientele. Bold shapes and lines balance that home-like touch to match the nature of the industry and the strength of the company. This rebrand is designed to be friendly and approachable, while also bold, modern, and strong.

As a corporate identity, colour choice is crucial. Many options were explored and tested for feedback. Because Holland Homes & Renovations is so much more than just a construction company, it was an important design decision to stay away from yellows and greys. Their relationships with home-owners are defined by trust. Blue tones communicate this trust and reliability, and feel personable yet professional.

This brand is designed to be friendly and approachable, while also bold, modern, and strong.

Once Holland Homes & Renovations had a fresh look, it was applied to different elements to complete their branding. Part of this rebranding project involved designing a set of stationary, including envelopes, business cards, and a letterhead. Shapes from the original logo are used to incorporate negative space into this stationary design.

Finally, I wrote and designed a comprehensive branding guide for Holland Homes & Renovations new brand, articulating how it should be used and applied.

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