Magazine Cover


Project Date:



Fall 2021

Typography, Innovation, Photography

InDesign, Photoshop

This project brings a physical, handcrafted element into the typography of the piece to tell an engaging visual story. The concept is a magazine cover for an artisan crafts magazine. As the subject is handmade creative work, the cover correlates with that theme and attracts the target audience by using handmade typography.




The stages of this project started with conceptualization, collecting inspiration, sketching, and finding objects. The photo shoot involved designing and arranging the flat lay and then retouching images. After that, I moved on to sketching and designing the magazine cover, including creating a colour palette and brand, typography and grid choices, and bringing everything together in InDesign.

A headshot of River outside wearing a pink sweater

Handcrafted letter forms say the phrase “made with love” and are built out of craft supplies, art tools, and odds and ends. This array of objects was chosen as the medium because it clearly shows the eclectic and creative nature of artisan crafts.

The final magazine design is a 8.5x11” cover that speaks to the target audience. Handmade typography contributes greatly to an innovative and unique magazine cover.